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Paris - Auxerre / Gate of Burgundy

This tour is called the Gate of Burgundy as it goes to Auxerre, the capital of southern Burgundy. After a three day trip on and along the Seine, you'll arrive at the confluence of Montereau where the river Yonne flows into the Seine. The Yonne is the gateway to Burgundy and leads along three beautiful medieval cities to Auxerre. Our cycling program includes a visit to the medieval cities of Montereau, Sens, Joigny and Moret-sur-Loing, the city where Alfred Sisley lived and painted.

Character of the tour

Most of the tour is in flat, at times hilly countryside with little traffic. Can easily be done by not very experienced bikers. Daily average of 40 - 45 Km or 4 to max. 5 hrs. by bike.

This is a one week tour. Auxerre has good railway connections to Paris and other cities in France.