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Prices and conditions

Feniks Charter has prices which are valid throughout the whole season. We make a difference between cabins with only low beds and bunk beds cabins. The latter are somewhat smaller and cheaper, but certainly not less comfortable. 

Prices per person (excl. VAT 6%)


1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

Low beds

€ 950

€ 1825

€ 2575

Bunk beds

€ 915

€ 1750

€ 2300

Bike rental per person / per week (excl. VAT 21%)

Hybrid 24 gear

€ 65,-

Electric bike

€ 105,-


After booking your tour you will receive an invoice for the total fare. Payment of 15% of the total due validates your reservation. Payment can be done by either bank transfer or by credit card. Credit card payments are done under the conditions of clients' credit card company and carried out by Paysquare with no expenses for client.


Feniks Charter advises clients to take a cancellation insurance. After payment of the deposit on the total cost of the trip, cancellation is no longer possible. If you are not able to make the trip for any reason, we will try to find someone else to take your place. Should this succeed, you will receive back your payment regarding the trip. Otherwise, you will need to claim on your travel insurance

Legal information

Feniks Charter is registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce: 33299008. Feniks Charter has a P&I insurance covering accidents on and off board.

Terms and conditions

Feniks Charter sends the full terms and conditions gladly upon request. Contact: