Mps Feniks - Postbus 18 - 1000 AA - Amsterdam - Tel. +31 6 5314 7553 -

What other people say

Feniks Charter has had very good reviews in the past year. We are proud of it! And we are keen on making the experience of a bike and barge tour with the Feniks crew wonderful. The Feniks is a century old barge, with a lot of history, joy, excellent food and most of all our personal service.

This is what our guests say of us on Facebook:

" It was the best vacation my husband, Bert, and I ever had. (and we've been married 50 years). It was fun, relaxing, very friendly staff, excellent three course meals, informative bike rides. Marius went the extra mile to make sure that we would enjoy our time on the Feniks." Marise Rinkel, May 2017.

"Super professional, friendly crew with good bikes. A favorite vacation on my list. Living in the countryside, on the boat, in the cities, with friends for 2 fabulous weeks is the best escape in Europe." Paula Smith, October 2017.

"Outstanding crew, comfortable atmosphere. We all felt very welcomed. I would highly recommend this trip to see the beautiful countryside from Paris to Bruges. Marius and his crew took excellent care of our group." Michelle Haers, October 2017.