Mps Feniks - Postbus 18 - 1000 AA - Amsterdam - Tel. +31 6 5314 7553 -

The Feniks and crew

Formally a freighter, nowadays a sailing hotel vessel.

Originally, the Feniks was built in 1928 as a cargo barge for the Dutch, German, Belgian and French inland waters. It is a strong vessel with many years of service and is known because of her beautiful form and speed.

In 1992, the Feniks has been converted into a hotel passenger ship for various sailing holidays. Since then, she has undergone several refits to keep the ship up-to-date with all modern facilities.

From 2015 Marius is the proud owner of the Feniks. He invests continuously to improve the ship and to make your stay on board even more comfortable.

Aboard you will find a comfortable and well-lit lounge, where you can relax on the sofa or have a good meal. We have an extended library, a varied collection of CDs and DVDs, a television and many magazines to keep you entertained. Of course we have lots of information and maps of the route, the sailing area and the places you visit.

The cabins are clean and well cared. All cabins have an individual bathroom with sink, shower and toilet. We have three cabins with each two standard beds and six cabins with bunk beds. All beds have hotel-standard mattrasses. The cabins are equipped with central heating, 220-volt sockets and of course all essentials for a good sleep. Your personal laundry will be taken care of. If you need anything, just ask and we'll see if we can do it for you. Most of the times we succeed.

There is a sundeck to relax on or you can sit under the canopy, which gives you shelter from the sun or light rain. If the weather allows, we serve the meals outside on the deck.

Your hospitable crew

From consultant to sailor and cook and captain, your host Marius welcomes you aboard. I work with morehusiastic people like the cooks and tireless sailors. We also work in the course of the season with people who are chosen carefully according to their professional qualities.

We have spent our whole lives on the water. We have been doing this on board the Fenix since 2015, enjoying the space, the freedom, the many beautiful places and the moments that we experienced. We would like to share these feelings with you because, after one day on the water, you will feel relaxed and your worries are far away.