Mps Feniks - Postbus 18 - 1000 AA - Amsterdam - Tel. +31 6 5314 7553 -

Our cabins

The Feniks is a ship and as comfy as you can get. There are 7 cabins. All of them equipped with their own private shower and toilet ensuite. Some are bigger than others and are therefore more luxurious. But all are as comfy as you can expect of your own cabin aboard a ship! Look at the pics of the cabins and decide which cabin you prefer.

Luxury cabins

Twice as big as the bunk bed cabins, with twin side-by-side beds. Ceiling fans, spacious shower and toilet.

Low bed cabins

Not as big as the luxury cabins, but shipwise pretty spacious. With of course your own shower and toilet ensuite.

Bunk bed cabins

Real ship character. Comfy beds, your own shower and toilet. Mostly used for single travellers, but if you don't mind to climb into your bed it's perfect for budget travellers.